Ipswich Quaker Film Night

We are re-starting our monthly Film Nights in March.

We will be holding them on the last Friday of the month in the library – although location may have to change to the hall depending on numbers – and it will start at 7:00pm. We will view the film and then discuss it afterwards, following the format of the old film nights we used to have. The first night will be 25th March, which will be Easter Friday.

John Mann will be coordinating the Ipswich Quaker Film Night but it will be led by whoever brings the film – John won’t always be there – but Mike Medhurst will be available for technical set up.

Our motto is “everything is spiritual”. If you want to share a film that you feel has merit and that other Quakers would benefit from watching, bring it along and share your passion. It doesn’t have to have a religious theme or be “spiritual” in the traditional sense.

If you want to present a film, let John know and he will arrange slots. If you have a few and aren’t sure which to bring, let him know and he can run a little on-line vote and we can decide that way. If we get too many people volunteering we might run a poll to see which films are most popular, we’ll just see how it goes.

Ipswich Quaker Film Night

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