Events June 2016

Discussion meetings are held every Sunday in the Library, from 9.15 -10.15am where we are looking at passages from Quaker Faith and Practice, interesting articles from The Friend or any relevant topics

4th Community Café

5th Shared Meal

6th Otley Hall “Worry Beads” Andrew Dotchin

8th 10am – 5pm Free event and discussions Festival of Religious Studies and Ethics at West Suffolk College, Further information: or 01284 716329

8TH QQ discussion Group 7-0pm. Ant Wooding speaking on Native Americans.

12th Business Meeting

14th: Otley Hall: “Consider the Birds using poetry” Ann Lewin

18th Our Garden Party 3-5pm. All welcome. FMH and garden.

23rd Otley Hall: “An Introduction to Thomas Merton” Lorna Webber

24th Film Night at FMH

25th MultiCultural Event at Central Library Ipswich 10.30 – 3.30

25th Regional Gathering

Events June 2016

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